Monday, November 14, 2005

Dude.....Does Richard Ramirez have to wear this? Who the noodles invented this logo??

Thursday, November 03, 2005

"I haven't seen the night stalker in along time...." (Krisjana)

"Really? Not since the last time he stalked night?" (Kaitlin)

"You mean the last time I was stalking that bitch? Whose stalking who?" (Krisjana)

No comment, I'll leave this one up to Krisjana if she ever realizes that she's not too good to update this blog. But seriously Krisjana...try and top the Lavirne and Shirley allusion. Go on, I dare you to try.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"So this guy I know who wrote a letter to The Night Stalker and the return address was of a girl that he hated...hahaha I want to do that." (Kaitlin)

"Wow, that's hella mean" (Krisjana)

"No, when you think about it, it really isn't. It's not like he's about to escape, and he's on death row. He'll never get out of prison."

"So what. If the letter was good enough he might start digging a hole in his cell."

"Holy shit. He's in San Quinteon. That's a maximum security prison. Death row."

"So what. So the concrete is like a few inches thicker. Either way, he's gonna get out. You know it."

"Dude...San Quinteon."

"What's another inch of cement to a man who's most likely in love with a letter than some random guy wrote to piss off his friend?"

After that, there was no turning back. When we realized that The Night Stalker was on the verge of escape, about to wreak mass havioc, we thought that was pretty damn funny. Think of all the sitcom like stuations the night stalker will get into within the near future. It's an almost formulaic premise for a mid-day soap opera "Hey, I'm a crazy mass murderer, trying to make it in the big city and find my true love, there's gonna be some laughs along the way, but in the end, I'm always gonna be The Night Stalker"

Seriously night stalker, stop trying to copy Laverne and Shirley....and no Scott Peterson does not want to be Laverne, he wants to be Shirley, and you can't stop him! It's not like Lenny and Squiggy would like you anyways. Jesus, you are vein for somone who could die at any moment.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How this all got started

Let me just say something now. I, Kaitlin Elise am not in any way interested in the night stalker the way that you probably think I am by making this blog. I don't condone his murders, or that freaky-ass pentogram on his hand. (honestly, for someone with such a dastardly metality, you'd think Richard Ramirez would come up with a more original symbol...). No, I'm not a prison groupie. That's just odd, and not very artsy if you ask me. (I can't verify any of this for Krisjana, but for the sake of prudency let's just say she's also not attracted to the night stalker for ideological and stylistic reasons, and for the plain fact that it would be weird.) We are too preppy for that freak stuff. Promise. I'd sooner be going after that crazy artist-man Jackson Pollock than the night stalker (and that guy is dead!) All this blog is trying to accopmplish is to record and publish a trend the two of us have found to arise in our many superficial converations. (all of our conserations are superficial) Somehow we got onto the topic of whether or not the night stalker would ever get off of death row, or escape jail. (I'll get into that all later) Now we can't stop agruging about the damn fool. "So we'sa gonna blog somma r convos. if ya'll don lyke it, fuggetaboutit!" That was an acutal quote by the night stalker. I swear. If you don't believe me you are lying to yourself.

Don't judge me, I am so bored,